1. Never Me Crawl

From the recording I Never Want To See Me Again

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Never Me Crawl

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Vocals - Russell Keefe
Keyboards and Programming - Russell Keefe
Guitars - Connor Baxter
Drums - Pip Mailing
Cello - Jade Woodhouse
Violin - Nicola Bates
Backing Vocals - Liva Steinberga, Ariella Steinberg, Annie Dorrett

Produced, recorded and mixed - Paul Win Winstanley


Next time is the first time, maybe the last time
its a situation you'd never know
No time is the right time, lost in a good time
Still I have got some way to go

Well i won't be forgiven
won't lose sleep over living
just one of those things I suppose

it will never defeat me
it might come and eat me
I think i will just hide in the cold

Well I make mistakes
When I'm on my own
No ones ever really tried
come and take my throne

It could never be
but it always was
its immediately true
as a consequence of

Never me crawl in time to the beat of the music
Never me crawl in life with a gun its just stupid
Never me crawl to you I have pride don't you notice
Never me crawl away from your love.

I've time if you've time has anybody seen mine.
There is such a long way to go

Crawl up the backstreet
mess on the backseat
think I'll take you home for
a while

We'll I made my place
Its not on my own
You can have it if you like
Come and take my throne
It should always be
But it never was
Its immediately true, Its a consequence of.