From the recording I Never Want To See Me Again

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If Only I Wasn't A Dog

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Vocals - Russell Keefe
Keyboards and Programming - Russell Keefe
Guitars - Connor Baxter
Bass Guilio Granchelli
Drums - Pip Mailing
Cello - Jade Woodhouse
Backing Vocals - Liva Steinberga, Ariella Steinberg, Annie Dorrett

Produced, recorded and mixed - Paul Win Winstanley


If Only I Wasn't A Dog
Get on the telephone and say how you do
I’ve got a pocket full of money and I don’t know what to do I’d like to take you out and treat you nice,
a one night stand I’d have you home in trice
But you said woah, If only i wan’t a dog.

I’d like to see ya, see ya again
Could we have once more round the maypole I’ll take a rain check till then.
We could go and see a movie, we could go and see a flick. We could make out on the back seat like we want to be quick.
But you said “woah” If only I wasn’t a dog.

I tried the flowers and the chocolate’s too
I tried the cheese and biscuit combo
there was no getting through
I was going to give it up but then twinkle in your eye Said try it again you might just be suprised
Then you said “woah” If only I wasn’t a dog