From the recording I Never Want To See Me Again

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I Know You’re Mine

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Vocals - Russell Keefe
Piano - Russell Keefe
Slide Guitar - Mike Ross
Harmonica - Will Wilde
Guitar - Connor Baxter
Bass - Guilio Granchelli
Drums - Pip Mailing

Produced, recorded and mixed - Paul Win Winstanley


I just want to see ya I just want to say
I just want to love ya Every dieing day
Don’t ya want to see me Don’t you care if you do All i know is that i want Is what you want to

I know you’re mine
Yes I know you’re mine

Please don’t tease me
Please treat me right
Please hug me up on a cold winters night
Please don’t forget me
Take me for a fool
Don’t stand me up and leave me not looking cool.
when i see you girl
Just try and understand
Won’t you come and get me and hold me by the hand cos

I know you’re mine
Yes I know you’re mine
say i know you’re mine
Please say I know you’re mine

Don’t you want to try me
Won’t you try me now
Don’t you lead me on because you surely know how I’d cry like a baby
I’d howl like a wolf
i’d cry right now if it would give some proof

when i see you girl
i just cry in your arms
I’m suffocating here under the weight of your charms.