From the recording I Never Want To See Me Again

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I Guess I Must Say

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Vocals - Russell Keefe
Piano and Keyboards - Russell Keefe
Guitars - Connor Baxter
Bass Guilio Granchelli
Drums - Pip Mailing
Cello - Jade Woodhouse
Violin - Nicola Bates
Backing Vocals - Liva Steinberga, Ariella Steinberg, Annie Dorrett

Produced, recorded and mixed - Paul Win Winstanley


Started out I was 17, couldn’t have been much more
Office clerk in an office space not wanting to be poor.
Settled down to a sub routine of early onset bored
Band start playing, I start singing to entertain the horde

You get in my way
Don’t you mess with my
Don’t you mess with my
Time (bvs)

I guess I must say

Is it my time after all?

Then I reached of 21 the smoke it did appeal
Got a job in a basement place fulfilment not ideal
Now that time it has reached the spot
Where it just gets in my way
The work is the work time noe time for my lifetime
I'm sorry I can't stay

I am of an age and still feel the rage
But its just up in the air
Got a job at boomtastic place not quite leading to despair
Now that time's nearly at the top
Its still getting in my way
Need more time for my lifetime less time for my might time
I'd really like to stay.