From the recording I Never Want To See Me Again

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What Ya Gonna Do

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Vocals - Russell Keefe
Keyboards and Programming - Russell Keefe
Guitars - Connor Baxter
Bass Guilio Granchelli
Drums - Pip Mailing
Backing Vocals - Liva Steinberga, Ariella Steinberg, Annie Dorrett

Produced, recorded and mixed - Paul Win Winstanley


I've taken a position on the matters of the soul. 
looked into the abyss and nearly fell into the hole. 
It's dirty and and it's dark in there you wouldn't like it's size
All your life would flash before somebody else's eyes.

You saw it in my picture
Was never meant to be
Captured animosity is what it's supposed to be. 
I listened to your ranting
I listened to your moans
 all together existentially it's  deep inside my bones.  

All my life is there for all to see
But you'll never ever take it from me. 


You shot me on the steps when i was 40 years of age

You shot me at my house when i was only 21

You shot at the motel I was only 23

What were ya gonna do
What were ya gonna say